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About Diabetes

MedXpress is a unique home delivery service of glucose monitoring supplies that makes living with diabetes much easier.

With diabetes, the most important rule is to follow your doctor's instructions. However, this can be difficult. Supplies are costly. Self testing is burdensome. Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid claim forms can be confusing.

That's why ours is a philosophy of action. Of individualized service. Of creating solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of medical professionals and their patients. We listen closely to what you want and respond with quality products and services delivered in the most convenient and timely manner possible.

There's no question about it. Diabetes dramatically changes the way you live. How you eat. How you work. How you play.

But the changes aren't just physical. Diabetes raises emotional and financial issues - issues you have to think about all the time. Like remembering to check your glucose level on a regular basis, keeping track of your diet and insulin, making sure you always have the right supplies on hand so your health won't suffer. In addition, for the homebound, it's difficult to get to a store, and then have to wait in line for supplies. And as if that weren't enough to worry about, you have to think about paying for your supplies, too.

While diabetes changes your life, it doesn't have to control it. The secret is MedXpress services and supplies.

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