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Hospice Care

It's About Living...

Hospice care is about helping individuals and their families share the best days possible as they deal with a life-limiting illness. It’s about adding quality of life, and helping our patients live those days as they choose. Our hospice care services provide a specialized program of care provided for patients and their families who are facing life-limiting illnesses. Hospice is provided by a special team of caregivers; chosen to meet the unique needs of every patient. A nurse provides care and instructions on medications, assesses symptoms, and communicates with your physician. A social worker provides support to you and your family by identifying available resources. A home health aide provides personal care and some homemaker services. A volunteer may run errands, or even just sit and read to you. A chaplain is available for spiritual support if desired.

Hospice can serve anyone who is in the end stages of a life-limiting illness such as heart failure, lung disease, liver failure, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, AIDS, ALS — or if there is a sudden decline in health with no specific reason. Medicare, Medicaid and VA benefits pay for hospice care with no cost to you or your family. Most private insurances companies also cover hospice services. We provide care to all individuals who qualify for hospice regardless of their ability to pay for care.

Hospice care is very flexible in respect to the options and care offered to the patient. Hospice takes care of you in the comfort of your home. Hospice can also care for you in a personal care home, assisted living facility, in the hospital (under special arrangements) or in a nursing home. The option of your doctor directing your care is available, however, we have a medical director on staff that provides consultation if needed.

The decision to receive care from hospice is yours. You have the right to discontinue hospice at any time, or change to another type of care. If hospice isn’t the right path for the patient or if he or she decides that another type of care would be more suitable, you can always transition to whatever environment is necessary. You can reach our hospice services with a phone call from you or your family. A doctor’s order is required before services can be started. We will be glad to call your doctor to make any arrangements needed.

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